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Rexroth Hydraulic Piston Motor A6ve55 with Good Quality and Low Price

Rexroth Hydraulic Piston Motor A6ve55 with Good Quality and Low Price

CZPT hydraulic piston motor A6VE55  with Very good CZPT and Low Price

CZPT variable motor A6VE28, A6VE55, A6VE80, A6VE107, A6VE160, A6VE250


Open and shut circuits
Sequence sixty three
Measurement 28 to one hundred sixty nominal stress four hundred bars and greatest strain 450 bar.
Size 250 nominal pressure 350 bars and greatest stress four hundred bar.
-Variable plug-in motor with axial tapered piston rotary group of bent-axis design, for hydrostatic drives in open and shut circuits
-Far-achieving integration in mechanical gearbox owing to a recessed mounting flange positioned on the middle of the situation (extremely room-preserving design)
-Simple to install, just plug into the mechanical gearbox (no configuration specs to be observed)
-Examined device prepared to install
-For use particularly in mobile applications
-The displacement can be infinitely modified from Vg max to Vg min = .
-The wide management selection permits the variable motor to satisfy the necessity for substantial speed and high torque.
-The output speed is dependent on the movement of the pump and the displacement of the motor.
-The output torque will increase with the force differential amongst the substantial-stress and low-stress aspect and with increasing displacement.
CZPT Data 
Table of values (theoretical values, with out performance and tolerances values rounded)

Measurement A6VE28 A6VE55 A6VE80 A6VE107 A6VE160 A6VE250
Nominal stress p N bar 400 400 400 400 400 350
Optimum strain pmax bar 450 450 450 450 450 400
Displacement Vg max cm³ 28.1 54.eight eighty 107 one hundred sixty 250
Velocity at V g max n max rpm 5550 4450 3900 3550 3100 2700
Speed at V g<V g max n max rpm 8750 7000 6150 5600 4900 3600
Inlet circulation at nmax q V max l/min 156 244 312 380 496 675
Torque Δ p = 350 bar T Nm 179 349 509 681 1019 1391
Fat (approx.) m kg sixteen 26 34 47 64 ninety


Rexroth Hydraulic Piston Motor A6ve55 with Good Quality and Low Price

Spare Parts for Rexroth A2FE Series Hydraulic Piston Motor A2FE32 A2FE90 A2FE107 A2FE160

Spare Parts for Rexroth A2FE Series Hydraulic Piston Motor A2FE32 A2FE90 A2FE107 A2FE160

CZPT   A2FE  series piston motors areas

The mounted displacement plug-in motor A2FE is geared up with a CZPT axial tapered piston rotary group of bent axis designHydrostatic plug-in motors are intended primarily for installation in mechanical gearboxes, e.g. monitor driv gear boxes.The design and style of the motor with the mounting flange in the centre of the housing enables it to be almost full integrated into a mechanical gearbox to give an extremely compact device

About us

   HangZhou CZPT CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd is a professional organization built-in with hydraulic solution manufacture, trade and technical support. We target on excellent top quality, greater provider, sensible price tag and source thorough answer such as free servicing suggestion and expert. We supply globally manufacturer hydraulic merchandise this kind of as Bosch CZPT, Sauer,CZPT, Vikers, Cater, CZPT, Linde, Eaton, Komatsu and and so on. We exoported to far more than a hundred and ten customers in 89 nations around the world these kinds of as CZPTica, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Czeck, Slovakia, Moroco, Gana, Thailand, India and and so on.
   Culture: Get trust of customers and provide primarily based on morality, Concentrate on high quality to benefit clientele.
    Main products are globle and Chinese model hydraulic major pump, synchronous shunt motor, valve and and many others.. We supply most of hydraulic product to construction equipment, agricultural equipment, electrical power crops, coking crops, chemical plants, marine machinery, port equipment, oil field machinery, coal mining equipment, weighty machinery processing plant and etc..  in which the certain gear consists of concrete mixer truck, underground scraper, grain mix harvester, high ground clearance spraying device, concrete pump truck, street roller, paver, rotary drilling rig, industrial lawn motor vehicle, hand roller, modest driving roller, Modest transportation truck, minitype sweeper, mini slip loader, winch equipment and all sorts of tools beneath 2 tons ability with continuously variable pace driving techniques.




Q: Are you trading firm or company ?
A: We are manufacture and buying and selling business .
Q: What is your major software
 A: 1.CZPT technique
      2.Agriculture machine
      3.CZPT machine
      5.Nearby distributors

Q: How lengthy is your shipping and delivery time?
A: CZPTly it is five-ten times if the products are in stock. or it is fifteen-20 times if the products are not in stock, it is according to amount.

Q: What is your terms of payment?
 A: Payment<=1000USD,100% in advance,
      Payment>1000USD,100% in advance or 30%T/T in advance,stability prior to shipping and delivery.

Q: Do you have any assure on the quality of your valves?
A: As prolonged as the pumps&motors are from HangZhou CZPT , we assure that the good quality assurance interval is 1 year. If the products have any dilemma on quality inside of this period, we all supply guarantee support. If they have been mounted, we will offer specialized personnel to support resolve the problem.

Q:If we have a large quantity of pumps&motors, can you give us a discount?
A: We give unified wholesale price to customers. No issue you get one or hundreds of pumps&motors, we try our greatest to give you gain, due to the fact we want to establish extended-expression cooperation connection with you.

Spare Parts for Rexroth A2FE Series Hydraulic Piston Motor A2FE32 A2FE90 A2FE107 A2FE160

Rexroth A2fe Series Axial Fixed Hydraulic Piston Motor

Rexroth A2fe Series Axial Fixed Hydraulic Piston Motor

CZPT A2FE sequence motor of A2FE28,A2FE32,A2FE45,A2FE56, A2FE63,A2FE80,A2FE90,


Size 28 to180 Nominal stress 5800 psi (400 bar)/ Peak stress 6500 psi (450 bar)
Size 250 to 355 Nominal force 5100 psi (350 bar)/ Peak force 5800 psi (400 bar)

A2FE Plug-in quantitative motor features:

one.The slotted A2FE motor created by Miriam has an axial conical plunger rotor set created with a indirect shaft
two.Easy set up, can be merely inserted in the device equipment box
3.The center flange mounting design and style of the housing allows the motor to fit completely inside the equipment box
4.Compact, sturdy bearing method with lengthy services life
five.large power density
6.CZPT models for assembly and tests
seven.extended daily life

CZPT Knowledge:

CZPT A2FE motor A2FE28 A2FE32 A2FE45 A2FE56 A2FE63 A2FE80 A2FE90
Displacement Vg cm3 28.one 32 forty five.6 fifty six.1 sixty three eighty.4 ninety
Velocity maximum nnom rpm 6300 6300 5600 5000 5000 5000 4500
nmax2) rpm 6900 6900 6200 5500 5500 5500 5000
Enter movement Vg qV L/min 177 202 255 281 315 362 405
Rotary stiffness c kNm/ rad 2.93 3.12 4.eighteen five.ninety four six.25 8.73 nine.14
Moment of inertia JGR kgm2 .0012 .0012 .0571 .0042 .0042 .0072 .0072
Maximum angular a rad/s2 6500 6500 14600 7500 7500 6000 6000
Scenario quantity V L .2 .two .33 .forty five .045 .55 .55
Dimension     A2FE107 A2FE125 A2FE160  A2FE180 A2FE250 A2FE355  

Displacement Vg cm3 106.7 a hundred twenty five a hundred and sixty.4 180 250 355  
Speed highest nnom rpm 4000 4000 3600 3600 2700 2240  
nmax2) rpm 4400 4400 4000 4000 2700 2240
Input circulation Vg qV L/min              
Rotary stiffness c kNm/ rad eleven.2 eleven.9 seventeen.four eighteen.two seventy three.1 ninety six.1  
Second of inertia JGR kgm2 .0116 .0116 .571 .571 .061 .102  
Greatest angular a rad/s2 4500 4500 3500 3500 10000 8300  
Circumstance quantity V L .eight .eight 1.one one.one 2.five three.five  


CZPT A2FE frequently employed models:

A2FE28/61W-NAL100 9419990
A2FE32/61W-NAL100 9418424
A2FE45/61W-NZL100 9437748
A2FE56/61W-NAL100 9437482
A2FE63/61W-NAL100 9437443
A2FE80/61W-NAL100 9419867
A2FE90/61W-NAL100 9416951
A2FE107/61W-NAL100 9419560
A2FE125/61W-NAL100 9418426
A2FE160/61W-NAL100 9421900
A2FE180/61W-NAL100 9421394

CZPT chart as follows:

Our consumer claims:



Rexroth A2fe Series Axial Fixed Hydraulic Piston Motor